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Online approval process for book purchase is an innovative idea suggested by respected VC Sir of the Sharda University and it is intended to expedite the book purchase process by avoiding unnecessary delays in the current purchase systems. It provides a transparent and organized way to make purchase decisions fast and it helps the decision maker to have informed decision making to build up library collections in a judicious way. In this system, there is capping of Rs.25000/ for the second level approval and beyond that will be finalized by the respected Vice Chancellor of the university.

It also helps the decision making process in the pattern of inventory management with mandatory permissions from different levels of authorities online ,which involves triggering of actions at various levels and thus the purchase process is time-stamped and time bound. This approval processes can be very fast and transparent. This is very advantageous for academic institutions as the manual processes tend to be less transparent, and less compliant with international standards.In order to develop an online system for the purchase of Books and other library related resources including E‐Resources.

This online book purchase process is managed in a dynamic way, and it is based on providing correct ISBN number, faculty’s demands, which is generally described as Patron-Driven Collection Building. The faculty member has to give the correct ISBN numbers of the books that he /she wants to procure through this system and librarians will ensure that the total amount of the suggested books/titles will not go beyond the capping.

Advantages of this portal
  1. Improved Accountability
  2. Better Expenditure visibility
  3. Lesser scope for human errors
  4. Access from Anywhere
  5. Centralized Purchase

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